Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mark Swatts Morse we believe we have a duty to act responsibly and make a contribution to the local community and we endeavour to undertake various different methods of satisfying our corporate social responsibility duties with a view to ensuring we give something back to the community.

We are increasingly aware of a growing homelessness problem in our city centre. The People’s Kitchen is a charity in Newcastle city centre that helps homeless and other disadvantaged people by providing food, clothes and cleaning facilities. The charity was set up in 1985 by founder Alison Kay as a soup kitchen but has now evolved to offer a range of support. They provide around 140 hot meals per night, sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothes all in an effort to make life a little more bearable on the streets. The charity is completely run by volunteers, with over 200 volunteers working at the kitchen offering up to 35,000 unpaid hours per year.

To support this effort our staff have been contributing ongoing monthly food parcels. We have also organised a charity evening with some of our third party partners with whom we work alongside. This is due to take place in a few weeks’ time and we are hoping to raise a significant donation for the People’s Kitchen. We intend to maintain this support by organising similar future events.

If you wish to find out further information about the People’s Kitchen or to make a donation, please visit their website at