At Mark Swatts Morse LLP we understand that not all tenants keep up to date with rent payments or treat your property in the way you might hope and therefore in order to help landlords who find themselves in this position we offer our Residential Property Recovery Service.

The firm has many years of experience assisting residential property investors all over the country to recover rent arrears and to evict tenants who do not pay.  We therefore offer a nationwide service to recover property from any such tenants along with taking the necessary action for any arrears of rent that may be outstanding.

We can provide our clients a continuous Landlord and Tenant service advising on such matters as:

  • the contents of the tenancy to be offered to the tenant;
  • drafting and issuing the tenancy;
  • obtaining possession of the property after a tenancy has expired;
  • acting on behalf of landlords in possession hearings;
  • acting for Landlords in the recovery of arrears of rent;
  • enforcing any judgement where the tenant refuses to either leave the property or fails to pay any damages previously awarded to the landlord.

Regardless of the level of advice you require, whether it be initial advice on the tenancy to offer or actual representation at a possession hearing, we can help and offer a fixed fee scale based on a tier system which ensures costs are kept to a minimum as further fees are only incurred where the matter progresses onto the next tier.

If you would like any further info please contact Andrea Swatts on 0191 261 0096 or by email at